Program 9th International Spectro Radiometer Comparison 2019

Observatoire Saint-Véran

21 June 2019Arrival JRC Van with instruments Saint Véran

22/23 June 2019– Mounting and alignment of ESTI’s 4 solar trackers
– Installing reference instruments and spectro-radiometers
– Dry-runs to check correct operation and timing
Observatoire Saint-Véran
We meet at Hotel le Grand Tetras on Sunday late afternoon, evening. Please use the Whatsapp
group (Erik Haverkamp: +31 620220228) if you want to communicate to all. It’s NOT an obligation but maybe useful to plan travel up to the Observatory the next morning.

For sure Ignigo from CENER is the last one to pass Mont-Dauphin/Guillestre before coming up to

23 June 2019Informal welcome gathering (late afternoon / evening)Le Grand Tétras
24-28 June 2019Intercomparison:
– Review with participants of the measurement protocol and procedures
– Install participant’s instrumentation and connecting to ESTI’s data acquisition system.

Clear sky = Take measurements
– Arrive at location at 07:30
– Equipment warm-up (30 minutes)
– Start taking data according to procedure
– Continue measurements until sunset or the clouds interfere

Cloudy sky = No measurements, but optionally….
– Arrive at location at 08:30
– Review of previous day’s data analyses
– Technical briefings on radiometry, measurement uncertainties…
– Equipment test
– Office time

Observatoire Saint-Véran
29 June 2019Dismantling Instruments JRC Observatoire Saint-Véran
30 June 2019

Departure JRC