CEA Liten is looking for an expert in photovoltaic modules

CEA Liten – Expert in photovoltaic modules

CEA Liten is looking for an expert in photovoltaic modules. Please click link for details.


Instruments ISRC 2018

This year, JRC and INTA will focus more on the characterisation of Reference Cells (space and terrestrial).
As Francesco is not joining the group this year, we must reduce the amount of thermopiles (pyranometers and pyrheliometers) to be mounted and measured.
In order to not delude participants about calibration possibilities, we kindly ask you to minimise the amount of thermopiles to be measured by our data acquisition systems.

Participant list 2018 is online

On the Participant list page you can see who have already registered for ISRC 2018.

If you don’t see your name on this list while you have registered, please send an e-mail to claudia.haenen@rerasolutions.com