International SpectroRadiometer Comparison (ISRC)

“Quantifing the Sun” JRC Directorate C – ESTI leads the European “Comparisons of broadband-, spectral-radiometers “

For the 9th consecutive year, the JRC Directorate C “ESTI” is organizing the International SpectroRadiometer Comparison (ISRC). It is located at the location of l’Observatoire de Saint-Véran in France. This year ISRC will take place from th 24th to the 28th of June 2019.

The main goal of ISRC is the harmonization of good practices in measurement and instruments traceable calibration procedures for solar spectra and irradiance measurements within the PV community.  Recently also for atmospheric physics and metrological institutions, especially in relation to the need for traceable spectral irradiance measurements. Not only spectro-radiometers of the various participants will be compared to the JRC reference, but also thermopile instruments (pyrheliometers and pyranometers) will be verified against the JRC Directorate C “ESTI’s” references (Absolute cavity radiometers directly traceable to WRR- PMOD, Switzerland).

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